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 Acupressure is a very effective ,simple and  traditional chinese method for treating anemia .
Acupressure points to be pressed for treating  anemia
SP 10 ,UB 17 ,GB 39 ,LIV 8 ,ST 36 
SP 10 ( Spleen meridian )

This point is called sea of blood .SP 10 is very helpful to invigorate and tonifies the blood  and can treat all forms of blood disorders .Stimulate or press this point for 1 to 2 minutes with your thump in the press and release manner .
Location of this point 
When the knee is flexed this point is located on the inner side of the knee ,2 thump width above the medial tip of the upper border of patella .
UB 17 (urinary bladder )
This point is Hui - meeting point of the blood .It is very useful for all blood related problems .Press this point for 1 to 2 minutes with your thump to get relieve from anemia .
UB 17

Location of this point 
This point is located on the back side of the body ,one and a half thump width from the center of the spine from  side wise direction   slightly below the 7th thorasic  vertebra .This point is situated at the level of the bottom of the shoulder blades .
GB 39 ( Galbladder meridian )
Location of this point 
GB 39

This point is located on the outer side of the leg , 4 fingers width upwards from  the upper  center tip of the ankle .or 
3 Cun above the tip of the lateral malleolus ,posterior to fibula .
This is influential point for bone marrow .Pressing this point will help bone marrow to produce more RBC .
ST 36 ( Stomach meridian )
Location of this point 
ST 36
This point is located below the kneecap ,4 fingers width from the depression of the knee .
This point is called tonification point .This point tonifies both blood and body as well as improving digestion and ability to absorb nutrients .Press this point for absorption of iron and get cured from anemia .
LIV 8 ( Liver meridian )
Location of this point 
When the knee is flexed the point is at the medial end of the popliteal crease .As shown in the figure .
This  point tonifies the blood and liver .It clears the excess heat patterns .
Press above said acupressure points for 1 to 2 minutes to get relieve from anemia .
Liv 8


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Homeopathic remedy 
Ashoka jonosia Q
 It is an  homeopathic medicine .This medicine is very good for relieving  menstrual problems so this  medicine is called women medicine .Mother tincture is prepared from bark of the ashoka jonosia tree in homeopathic method .This medicine is available at homeopathic medicals .Take 30 ml of boiled and cooled water ,add 10 drops of ashoka janosia medicine stir it well and then have it ,20 minutes before food twice a a day ,morning and night for 2 to 3 weeks .This will help you to relieve from menstrual problems . There is no side effects .
Caulopyllum Q
It is an homeopathic medicine and good tonic for uterus . It is also help to relieve the menstrual problems .This is also available at homeopathic medicals .Take 30 ml of boiled and cooled water ,add 5 drops of caulopyllam Q to it ,stir it well and then have it ,20 minutes before food thrice a day  for 2 to 3 weeks .


Guduchi is an ancient ,an  important ,famous ,powerful , and divine herb having full of medicinal properties used in Indian system of ayurvedic  medicines  for curing  many diseases  . It is called Jivanti ,it means life giving ,because it can literally give your life back .Guduchi is an herbaceous  ,tall climbing medicinal  shrub of the family menispermaceae , found in tropical areas of India ,myanmar and srilanka .It is typically growing in deciduous and dry forests .The leaves are heart shaped ,the succulent bark is creamy white to grey in color ,with deep clefts spotted with lenticels ,puts out long slender aerial roots and is often grown on Neem and mango trees .Botanical name of the guduchi is tinospora cordifolia ,in Tamil ,shindhil kodi ,amirtavalli . In telugu tippa teega ,in malayalam amruthu ,in kannada amruthaballi ,n hindi Giloy . The other name of this plant amirta is indicating the importance and healing body from various diseases  .
All parts of the guduchi are used for…


Syzygium jambolanum is used in homeopathy treatment for controlling type 2 diabetes .It has an antidiabetic effects ,improving insulin action through activation of insulin signaling molecules in skeletal  molecule of type 2 diabetes .It is very good medicine for diabetes ,no other medicine causes in so marked degree diminution and disappearance of sugar in the urine .Syzygium jambolanum -Q is a most useful and effective remedy in diabetes with symptoms like frequent urination and large amount of urine  ,great thirst ,itching ,red pimples in the skin  and diabetic ulceration . It is effectively replace the need for drugs like metformin .There no side effects with this homeopathic medicine .
 This syzygium jambolanum -Q ( mother tincture )is administered at suitable intervels in diabetes the blood sugar is comes down normal level and the urine remains free of sugar .Powder of dried whole fruit or just kernal is used to prepare a mother tincture in homeopathic method .In homeopathic mater…


Pavalamalli is a popular medicinal plant having lots of medicinal properties used for treating various diseases in Indian system of  alternative medicines like Siddha ,Ayurveda ,Naturopathy and Home remidies .This herb belongs to the family of oleaceae and native to India ,now it is widely distributed in tropical and sub tropical regions of Asian continent.It is grown as an ornamental plant in the home gardens of Tamil Nadu , India . This herb is commonly known as night flowering jasmine,coral jasmine  in English , Parijata in Sanskrit and  Kannada ,Harsingar in Hindi and Bengali ,Parijatakam in Malayalam ,Parijathak in Marathi ,Pavalamalli ,Parijatham in Tamil . Pavalamalli is a shrub or a small tree growing up to 10 meters in height with flaky grey bark .The leaves are opposite ,simple to 6 to 21 cm long and 2 to 6.5 cm broad with entire margin .The flowers are fragrant with five to eight lobed white corolla with an orange red center. The fruit is flat brown heart shaped to round cap…


1 , Vallarai juice  .
  - It increases the memory power .This is the best memory inducer .
  - It helps to remove nerves problem ,It is very good for diabetic neuropathy .
2 .Pudina juice 
 - It is very good remedy for digestive problems . ( Gas formation ,indigestion ,loss of appetite  ) 
- It cures acne ,hiccoughs and skin related problems .
3 . Amla juice 
- It is very good for hair growth ,and  prevent premature graying hair .
-  It is very good for anemia ,it helps iron absorption .
- It prevents aging and gives beauty to our body .
4 . Kalyana murungai leaves juice 
-  It reduce your body weight and cholesterol .
5 . Tulsi juice 
 - It cures cough ,colds ,asthma ,and sinus problems .
6 . Mudakkaththan juice 
- It helps to relieves gas problems .
-  It cures joint pains .
- It cures constipation 
7 .Thuthuvalai juice 
- It cures cold ,sneezing  , cough and asthma .
- It is good for improving memory power .
8 .Musumusukkai juice 
-  It is very good for alergic rhenities ,running nose and cold .
9 .Karis…